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Coach, Educator and Advisor in Sustainable Viability


To create Sustainable Viability, Christopher will show how to capture, create and deliver more value and

serve customers better. Applying his coaching to the real world of day-to-day business, you will see how to

reduce costs in an enduring way and how to mitigate conspiring environmental and social risk to see

opportunity for greater profit. His compelling, interactive and highly engaging coaching and training shows

you how Sustainable Viability can make all functions and units of a business fresh and innovative – making

efficiency effective – to remove the barriers to growth. In seeing the largely hidden cost and risk to the

balance sheet, Christopher shows you how to use the power of Sustainable Life Cycle Analysis and the

Circular Economy to help you take a business beyond Lean and create new strategies for growth from

systems thinking and integrated reporting – for serious competitive advantage. Christopher will show you

how to make your business Sustainably Viable - instill the skills needed to compete successfully in a

sustainable economy for a Sustainable World.

With over 30 years commercial and sustainability experience, Christopher is internationally

recognised for his work in the sustainability field: as a material contributor to international greenhouse gas

accounting and sustainability reporting standards such as: the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, The Global

Reporting Initiative, BSI, IIRC (integrated reporting), GISR and other international sustainable development

and ESG ratings standards: as a writer and co-writer to many books on Sustainability and CSR as well as his

many international columns; and, is well recognised as a compelling conference speaker, business coach and


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The experience will be both unique and enlightening.

Numbers are deliberately limited to promote interaction and practical delivery.


"The seminar was instructive and interesting enough to keep all participants captivated. The examples provided reflected Mr Gleadle's wide experience and helped the audience better understand how the principles of Sustainable Development apply to real life and, ultimately, how to adjust and improve our perspective on Electrotel's activity and future."

V. Valeriu Velciu - CEO, Electrotel

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